Top 6 reasons why champagne benefits your health

Champagne benefits your memory, skin and mood of course

As champagne is an alcoholic drink, most people might think it is bad for your health. In fact, it is known that there is a rising amount of scientific data that proves that drinking Champagne comes with various health benefits. Indeed, champagne is not only a drink often associated with social occasions and luxurious parties, but also delivers a surprisingly good amount of health benefits. Here are our top 6 beneficial effects of champagne on your health:

1. Does champagne contain a lot of calories?

You may like to sip on champagne but somehow feel guilty that it may be packed with calories. Here is the comparison of drinks’ calories between wine and champagne. A glass of red or white wine contains up to 200 calories whereas an average glass of dry champagne only contains 95 calories. Therefore, you could almost consider champagne as a low-calorie and low-sugar version of wine. Moreover, you can even find some champagne bottles that only contain 65 calories or fewer per glass. As long as you don’t drink the whole bottle which is normally around 570 calories, it is the healthier choice all around.

2. Giving your memory a boost

Researchers at the University of Reading conducted a study that determined how drinking up to three glasses of champagne a week can boost your brain’s health. The study was performed on rats for a period of six weeks. During the study time, rats were given a dose of champagne and they had to complete a maze every single day. The result showed a success rate of up to 70% when rats had the champagne on a regular basis. However, they only had a 50% success rate without having champagne. This finding shows the positive impact of moderate consumption of champagne on cognitive thinking. As everybody should know, memory is one of our primary cognitive functions.

Furthermore, red grapes in champagne have been known to improve spatial awareness and memory. Additionally, drinking at least three glasses per week can help delay the onset of degenerative disorders in the human brain. There are also claims that drinking champagne regularly can help fight the following:

  • Memory loss
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease

3. Promoting your heart health

Some of you may know that the health benefits of red and white wine for the heart are well-established. But did you know that champagne can also have similar benefits? The reason why champagne is beneficial is that it is made from both red and white grapes (mostly Chardonnay grape, Pinot Noir grape, and Pinot Meunier grape).

Here are the main champagne’s health benefits for your heart:

  • It introduces antioxidants that can prevent blood vessel damage.
  • Champagne prevents blood clots.
  • It reduces the presence of bad cholesterol.

These benefits can reduce the risk of developing heart diseases and strokes. Nonetheless, these benefits are only acquired when consumed in moderation.

4. Preventing diabetes

Do your relatives or parents have diabetes? If yes, then you may want to sip more champagne. According to a 2009 study conducted in Canada, it has been proven that all wines, including sparkling wines like champagne, can decrease the risk of diabetes by as much as 13 percent. Moreover, it is claimed that champagne can lower the risk of acquiring type-2 diabetes. Thus, drinking Prosecco (champagne) or other types of sparkling wines can help prevent diabetes.

5. Good for your skin

If you dream of having young and beautiful skin, here is another excuse to drink champagne. This low-calorie drink not only offers you a wide range of health benefits but also gives your skin a boost. Many dermatologists claim that the antioxidant properties found in grapes can help your skin’s health. Also, champagne contains a lightening tartaric acid that creates an even skin tone. Plus, the bubbling drink has antibacterial properties that can help fight skin breakouts.

Last but not least, it is rich in carbon dioxide that helps produce a skin tightening effect. Indeed, carbon dioxide (CO2) recently got popularized in the cosmetic industry. It has been shown that CO2 injections can improve the skin’s appearance helping your cellular metabolism. Therefore, champagne is a great choice if you want to get younger-looking skin.

6. Boosting your mood

For those who have a bad day, a glass of champagne may be a nice treat for yourself. Champagne is a good source of zinc, potassium, and magnesium. These can create a mood-lifting sensation when you drink in moderation. Boosting yourself mentally and emotionally by enjoying a glass of champagne is another nice benefit of champagne. That said, do not forget to consume in moderation whether you’re having a bad day or not.

Now you know all about our top 6 benefits of champagne. Next time you’re enjoying some champagne, don’t forget that the latter is good for your overall health and well-being (in moderation, as always).

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