The Volume Of Alcohol of Sparkling Wines & Champagnes

The General Volume Of Alcohol For Sparkling Wines And Champagnes

Everyone loves to dabble into their wild side once in a while with a bit of bubbly alcohol. When doing so, it is best to know how much alcohol content is in the drinks you’re purchasing. Ultimately, we all have those moments when we want to just have fun without necessarily going overboard. If like us, you are a fan of sparkling wines, then this article is made for you! Let’s see how much percentage of alcohol can be found in the following spirits.


Prosecco is mostly known by people as an Italian white wine that is crisp and rich in sweet fruity flavors. You would never see this type of wine in a mixed drink, due to its very potent primary aroma and light taste that comes from the fruits that are added to it. Normally, sparkling wine has a minimum of 10.5%-11.5% alcohol by volume.

However, prosecco is closest to 13% alcohol making it a soft tasty potent wine. Now, this doesn’t mean that one glass of this delicious wine will get you tumbling over or drunk. On the other hand though, due to the wine’s sweet and light flavor, you might get carried away and forget the potency of the beverage. Be sure to not overindulge yourself when drinking this type of sparkling wine as it will slowly hit you.

Franciacorta DOCG

This particular type of wine has a vast range in selection when it comes to its alcohol volume. This type of wine is native to Brescia in Northern Italy, where usually they carefully age the wine for over two years before it is bottled, sealed, released, and sold to the public. You would normally think that this would mean it has a high volume of alcohol content. However, the volume actually ranges from as little as 9.5% up to 12.5%, depending on which bottle you find and purchase. This wine is ready to be explored and experimented with, you just need to find the bottle of wine that works best for you.


Also known as Asti Spumante, this is a type of sparkling wine that originally comes from the province and town of the same name. This is another delightful Italian white and is a bit similar to Prosecco wine. Asti is produced throughout southeastern Piedmont and primarily made from the Moscato Bianco grape. If we talk percentages, unlike Prosecco, Asti is one of the least potent sparkling wines compared to others. The minimum alcohol content volume is a mere 7% and its highest would be around 9.5%.

Despite Anti’s lack of alcohol strength, this delicious fizzy drink would go amazing in a fruity mix. If you are looking for a beverage that suits social work events, this line of sparkling wine will do the trick and will certainly not sneak up on you.


Now, this type of wine is not only the most popular sparkling wine out there but it is also one of the most hard-hitting ones. What makes champagne so particular is that there is only one region in France making real Champagne. Indeed, any champagne not produced in this region is not considered true Champagne. This delicious, famous wine is usually consumed at weddings, engagements, and a lot of special events where a toast is needed to mark the occasion.

Champagne has an alcohol content of upwards of 12.2%. Researchers have stated that its hard-hitting factor could be due to the bubbles in the wine. It makes your body absorb the champagne at a much faster rate into your bloodstream. This can make you feel the effects of the alcohol in a shorter period of time compared to other alcohols. If you are looking for a wine to make you loosen up and have some fun or go on an adventure, champagne would be the way to go.

Cava DO

Cava DO is a white and rosé wine that has been spread across the world, originating from Spain. This particular wine is not everyone’s favorite. However, if you’re the type of person that likes their bubbly wine with high alcohol content, Cava Do might be the one bottle to add to your collection. It has an alcohol volume between 12.5%-13.5%, so if you’re looking for a beverage with a kick, the potency is pretty strong in this one. With this drink having such a high alcohol content, it would not be the type of wine you would mix with other drinks. It is recommended you keep consuming it unmixed.

Now you know some of many types of sparkling wines you can choose from. Most contain a reasonable amount of alcohol while some others have much lighter alcohol content. If you’re trying to drink sparkling wine to give you a hard hit, you might be disappointed, everybody reacts differently. On that note, remember to always drink responsibly.

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