How to choose the best champagne glass shape?

The different shapes of glasses for champagne

Champagne has been a part of history for thousands of years. We usually drink this special beverage for celebrations or holidays. There is a wide variety of champagne glasses, and you should know that each one provides its own unique tasting experience. Today, we will explain throughout this article what is the difference between all of them, as well as which one is the best for you.

Champagne flute: an iconic shape for bubble lovers.

Let’s begin with the most popular shape for Champagne, the flute style. The latter comes with a long stem and thin bowl that gives an elegant aesthetic look. Thanks to its elongate design, you can hold the glass at its stem to avoid touching the bowl. As you may already know, the heat from hands can change the wine temperature. This taste of this luxury drink also resides in its coldness.

Moreover, the flute shape is a perfect choice if you prefer fizzy drinks because it can provide a surprisingly bigger amount of bubbles than with other types of glasses. Once you pour the drink into a glass, the bubbles will quickly float to the surface and deliver impressive flavor and aroma.

Champagne tulip-shaped glass

This second one is quite similar to the flute shape. The difference is the wider bowl of the champagne tulip with a narrow top that makes it look like a tulip flower. The wider bowl of tulip glasses not only helps maintain bubbles but also develops the wine’s flavor. Also, its narrow rim is designed to keep the aromas and allow us to appreciate the amazing taste of wine in every sip. As an extra tip, you should pour the drink until it reaches half of the glass for the best flavor.

Champagne Coupe

Best known for its distinguished and timeless design, the champagne coupe, also called the saucer, has become very popular in the 20th century and is considered as the classic shape. The latter is often used to serve some elegant desserts, sweet champagnes, as well as cocktails in high-end restaurants and bars.

The coupe is totally different from the two styles above. It features a wide shallow bowl that allows the wine surface to be exposed to the air. As a result, the bubbles will disappear very quickly. In conclusion, we recommend this one for people who don’t like a fizzy beverage or would like to experience the traditional way of drinking.

Stemless champagne glasses

Last but not least, stemless champagne glasses are the most modern of all types. As the name described, the stemless champagne glass has no stem thus it is easier to hold. In addition, the bowl can also maximize the fine taste of the Champagne, and nowadays, it is frequently used in both casual parties and formal occasions. Nevertheless, your hand will inevitably take place around the bowl and it may warm the liquid inside.

Can we drink champagne in a wine glass?

Yes, you can. Serving champagne with a standard wine glass is an alternative choice, and it gets along surprisingly well with some champagnes like the Pinot Noir.

Moreover, a wine glass can provide delicate aromas. This is thanks to its wide body, same as champagne tulip-shaped glasses. Besides, you can also appreciate the exquisite odor of champagne that passes through the large rim while drinking.

How to choose a champagne glass?

Now, you might have some ideas about which shape of champagne glass you will buy. But before going to the shop, there are also 2 major points that you need to know first. Let’s see them in details:

What is the champagne glass made of?

The champagne glass is typically made of 2 different materials: either standard glass or crystal. The fine crystal glass can offer you a better drinking experience with its thinner surface but it is less durable than standard glass.

How do you usually wash your glasses?

When buying a champagne glass, another thing that you should consider is its durability and maintenance. If you usually wash your glasses in the dishwasher, you should rather buy the standard glass due to its thickness property.

On the contrary, the champagne glass made of crystal requires more attention and should be washed by hand.

How to properly take care of your champagne glasses?

If you want your precious champagne or wine glasses to last longer, you should follow our instructions as below:

  • It is better to wash your glasses by hand and rinse them with warm water in order to clean all stains.
  • Do not suddenly move the stemware washed by hot water into a cold place. The swift temperature change can break them.
  • You should always dry the champagne glass with a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away water.
  • Lastly, what you need is a high-quality hanging rack where you can safely store your champagne glass collection.

Now, you know everything about Champagne glasses. However, remember that drinking is an art form so there is no right or wrong. We hope this article can help you finally find the right champagne glass for your next party. Enjoy your drink and… cheers!

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