Kinds of Acrylic Display Frames

Acrylic sheeting is one of the best methods to securely display works of art due to the fact that of it’s sturdiness and shatter-resistant qualities. Here are some of the ways to brilliantly and securely show artwork utilizing acrylic sheeting.

Single Panel Wall Mounted Acrylic Frame

Acrylic frames with a single panel work best for smaller and thinner pieces of artwork. These sort of acrylic sheet frames can utilize magnets to hold art work in place and securely mount on the wall. Creating a single panel frame utilizing acrylic sheeting is basic and professionally shows your masterpieces. Acrylic wall frames are more durable than conventional wood frames and are developed to quickly replace art work, photos, and other printed product.

Double Panel Wall Mounted Acrylic Frame

Art work that is thicker or much heavier than typical paper should use a double panel method for an acrylic frame. These type of frames hold art work in place with 2 pieces of acrylic sheeting instead of one to guarantee maximum security. Double panel acrylic sheeting is more durable than single panel but is still typically lighter than glass and wood frames with comparable dimensions.

Acrylic Wall Case

Because artwork is not one size fits all, acrylic display screens been available in a range of shapes and dimensions. Art work that is 3D or is not developing on canvas, paper or another flat product may require an acrylic case. Acrylic wall cases are developed to hold a range of various materials consisting of 3D artwork and art pieces. These can be created by merging 5 equivalent sides of acrylic sheeting together, leaving the back open up to install onto the wall.

Discover the best ways to glue acrylic sheeting together to produce an acrylic wall case and cube.

Tabletop Acrylic Frame

If you artwork is created to be portable, use or create a tabletop acrylic frame. Much like single and double panel wall frames, tabletop display screens use acrylic sheeting that can hold art work and pictures in place utilizing magnetic corners. Table leading acrylic art work screens can be produced with a straight or curved designed that stand on their own. These are ideal for smaller sized pieces of art work and images created for temporary setups such as art programs or home staging.

Partners in Acrylic Displays

No matter what kind of acrylic display frame you require, A&C Plastics wishes to assist you discover the best acrylic sheeting We are leaders in plastic manufacturing with the largest in stock inventory of clear acrylic, white acrylic, colored acrylic, solar tinted acrylic sheeting, and more. Our acrylic sheeting is perfect for screen photos and masterpieces because of the durability and clarity it supplies. Contact us today and let our plastic experts help you discover the best acrylic sheeting.

Strong Acrylic Frames for Luxury Sign Holder

These thick Perspex frames have an aggressive magnet embedded in each corner of the acrylic frames. Your poster or image is sandwiched securely between the plastic frame and the 20mm thick edge of the frames ensures it stands steady on any flat surface.

These acrylic frames can be used for a variety of applications. They frequent any high-end environment as the thick Perspex plastic acrylic frames have a sleek edge that appears like strong glass or crystal.

Such magnetic acrylic indication holders are often used by retailers to show costs for expensive items such as jewellery, furniture or luxury house wares, by restaurants for a stylish table menu or as price ticketing for gourmet cake shops.

This acrylic magnetic frame is also created to hold a 5″ x 7″ picture with a consistent 10mm border around the outside and make an excellent addition to any mantelpiece or desktop.

Please put in the time to browse all or our Acrylic Sign Holders and Point of Sale units- we’re sure you’ll discover the ideal display screen for your needs!

Functions and Benefits:

Perspex acrylic poster frame fitting directions

Extremely modern and expert looking. Premium acrylic is far clearer than glass and much more secure as it doesn’t shatter.

Each frame includes 2 peices of Perspex acrylic (a backing sheet and a front cover) and 4 satin aluminium wall installs (typically called sign posts). Your poster/photograph/graphic is caught between the two sheets of acrylic allowing for a fast poster change need to the requirement emerge. We use the name ‘Perspex’ as this is extremely typically exactly what is acrylic is referred to as, but we also utilize Altuglas in our manufcaturing process.

Each hole drilled in the acrylic is drilled somewhat oversized to assist installing to a wall.

The perspex panel sizes that we have actually detailed in the chart above enable an additional 30mm to the print sizes for the fixing of the wall supports. The clear acrylic area is what makes the frames look so stylish

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